"Only at Greenough"

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Artworks from the collection

The Front Greenough Flats presents the viewer with a unique landscape.

The long, narrow, alluvial flood plain is bounded on the NE and SW by low limestone hills and sand dunes. Scattered throughout are the crumbling ruins of colonial limestone buildings and gum trees twisted into bizarre shapes by the SW winds of summer.

Yet this powerful landscape has infrequently been portrayed by artists. For instance, the Art Gallery of Western Australia only has two paintings of Greenough in its collection.

As part of this museum’s Collection Policy, we seek to collect artistic representations of the Front Greenough Flats.

The oldest item in the collection is Tom Rand’s sketch of the Golden Sheaf Hotel in the flood of 1888 (his other version of this sketch is in the National Gallery of Australia collection). Most of the other works date from the 1970s through to the 1990s.

We are always interested in expanding the collection.

“Greenough River” by Jim Evans, 1993.

“The Hampton Arms”, tile made by Greenough River Pottery c1980.

“The Greenough Flats” by H. Brak, 1981.

“Clinch’s Mill” by Peter Foster, c1979.

“Goodwin’s Cottage” by B. Koba, c1980.

“Greenough Tree” by L.G. Andrews, c1972.

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