Treasures From My Wardrobe

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Treasures From My Wardrobe

Fashions come and go, and in this exhibition we celebrated the clothing that’s turned heads in Greenough and the Midwest over the past century. 


Treasures From My Wardrobe took a dive deep into the back of the closet and pulled out some incredible pieces of fashion – from Belgian haute couture from the 1920s to a 1960s lime-green crimplene mini dress, and much more. 


Curated by Greenough Museum & Gardens and drawn from the private collections (and, indeed, wardrobes) of the local community, this exhibition was on from 15 May to 5 July 2021. It was inspired by other fashion-related exhibitions held in recent years, which have been extremely successful, including Women of Empire 1914-1918 in 2016 and Brides and Weddings Revisited in 2018. 



Sartorial Splendour

Museum item - Clothing item 2
Museum item - Clothing item 1
Museum item - Clothing item 3

Amanda wearing her mother’s 1955 wedding dress.

Libby with her 1981 Liz Davenport ball gown.

Lorraine showing off her 1973 wedding dress.

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