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The John Fox letters

In this digital age, we leave a continuous electronic trail of our travels, work, purchases, health, relationships, correspondence and more. Will future historians know everything about us?

In the past the only method of saving information was to put it on paper. Yet this fragile material is easily destroyed.

This exhibition discovers more about the life of a convict whose only memorial was a collection of notes kept in Maley’s Store. 



The Milling of Flour

People have been grinding grains to make flour for tens of thousands of years in the area we now know as Greenough.

It was the fertile soils and ideal climate for the growing of wheat that attracted European settlers here. For about one hundred years commercial mills ground that wheat into flour. This region remains a prominent wheat growing area, but the mills have long ceased working.


Convict Notes

This exhibition from early 2021 examined the lives of eight convicts, transported to WA from Britain between 1850 and 1868, who all found their way to Greenough. Their stories were told, in part, through the contemporary notes and letters they left behind – giving us a glimpse into what life was like for these men. 8 Convict Notes is a fascinating insight into our local history. 

Note by Charles Sims

Creating a Garden

When Elizabeth Maley moved into what she called “Home Cottage” in 1862 she immediately commenced making a garden.

Since then, under changing ownership and stewardship the garden has continued to evolve.

Greenough Art

Whilst having a unique landscape, comprising of wind-swept trees and crumbling limestone ruins, this area has attracted few artists to portray its beauty.

Only at Greenough

The leaning gumtrees are a unique feature of this area.

Baby – from Birth to Baptism

An exhibition held in February-March 2023 celebrating the joys and tragedies of new life at Greenough.