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Get involved with Greenough’s history

Whether you live in Greenough or the Midwest, have connection to the area or just love the museum and gardens, you’re very welcome to become a part of our Greenough Museum family! There are several important ways you can show your support for the museum.

Museum Membership Lanyard


Becoming a member helps fund the museum’s operation. It also gives you a say in how the museum is run, at our annual general meeting, and you’ll get invitations to exhibition openings and other community events held here. Membership is just $20 a year.

Greenough Museum & Gardens Community Association’s Rules of Association

Volunteers hands


We’re always looking for keen volunteers willing to help run the museum. There’s a voluntary role to suit everyone! We need volunteers to welcome guests and provide tourist information, to help us catalogue and maintain our database and our collection, and to look after the shop, get stuck into the garden, help with events, and even do a bit of cleaning and maintenance work. 


As a museum volunteer you’ll get invited to all our exhibitions and events. What’s more, once you’ve volunteered for 100 days, you’ll be invited to become a part of the museum’s permanent collection, by contributing to our My Personal Museum in a Box project. 

Donating money

The museum gratefully accepts both corporate and personal donations. We’re totally reliant on admission charges and donations to fund everything we do, including looking after our wonderful and historic collection. Your donation allows us to continue that amazing work and we can’t thank you enough. 

Donating items

Donate Items

Do you have items relating to the social history of Greenough that you think need to be preserved? We’re interested in all kinds of donations, from archival records and photographs to books, furniture, tools and machinery. Your donation will become a treasured part of our collection and might go on permanent display or become part of an exhibition. Please read our Collections Management Policy before donating.

Collections Management Policy