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Exhibitions at Greenough Museum & Gardens

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Virtual Exhibitions

Take a look at some of the fascinating exhibitions the museum has held in the past. To view, click on the orange header.

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Our History

Discover the history of the Maley family and their homestead, which is now home to our museum. 

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For Researchers

We’re happy to delve into our archive to help researchers, family historians and others find the gold they’re looking for. 

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Explore our amazing archive and learn about the documents, resources and items that make up our collection. 

A recent donation to this museum is this Australian made Wertheim pianola.

It was bought second-hand in Geraldton in 1946, and has remained in the same family since then (and for many years was housed at Greenough).

The pianola comes with 60 rolls of music (in varying condition), and we thank the Pettet family for their generous donation.

We are now raising money to have the pianola restored to working condition.